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Disaster Relief Donations

PCMH has obtained the legal advice to say with confidence that Perry County Health System can receive donations to the Perry County Health System Foundation for use in local disaster relief.  All donors will receive a letter for tax deduction purposes.  100% of the funds will be used for disaster relief for associates of the hospital or those in the community.   

If there are funds remaining at the end of this campaign, donors will have the option to either receive a pro-rated refund or redirect their portion of the remaining funds to another charity such as the PCHS’s Children’s Healthcare Fund, PCHS’s Healthcare Scholarship Fund, or to offset disaster victim’s healthcare costs.  

Donations are preferred to be made by check or credit card.  With your donation, please make the notation “Disaster Relief."  You may make your donation by mailing a check payable to Perry County Memorial Hospital with the above notation of “Disaster Relief” to:

Perry County Memorial Hospital

Attn: Jessica Krauss/Disaster Relief

434 N. West Street

Perryville, MO 63775

You can also make a donation by calling (573)768-3229. 

All donations will be acknowledged in future corporate correspondence of thanks unless advised otherwise or given anonymously. 

Thank you so much for your generosity.